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We work closely with teachers to help them develop their sewing and art programs, making them the most sought after in their schools.  We ensure they find the solutions they need to make their students successful in their classrooms.  We do this by providing economical sewing projects that are both fun and educational.

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Thanks so much for all you have done to make my Home Ec. class more enriched, for your attention to detail & awesome customer service – I have so much appreciated it.

Deb V.

CTF/CTS/Science Teacher, Kitscoty, AB

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About Classy Threads

Started in 1986, Classy Threads founders, as teachers themselves, felt the frustration of students not bringing the right fabric and pattern combinations to class for their skill level. “There must be an easier way!”, they thought.

Thus Classy Threads was born. By filling their own need, they began providing beginner sewers with high quality, custom sewing kits, notions and supplies delivered right to the classroom. Today, the Classy Threads Team is continuing to ensure that same success in sewing classrooms, now and into the future.

Together, with their common love of sewing, family and community, they will continue to provide outstanding customer service and exceptional quality products. Please join us in sharing the love, joy and wonder that is found behind a valued life skill known as “Sewing”.