Calling all Young Creatives!

We have created this space to showcase the ways students are being creative with our products.

Please send a picture and description of how you have added your own flair to your Classy Threads project to .

Mini-Me Candy Girls

What a fun idea to adjust your Candi Girl to look like you! These are adorable.

Personalized Hoodies

These girls decided to get creative and mix up their hoodie pieces. We are impressed with the amount of careful planning and teamwork that went into these designs. What a great result! Each of them ended up with a unique hoodie that they can be proud to wear!

Captain Eric & Patchy


These two young ladies added to their Squirmies and gave them a back story! Click below to read more about Captain Eric and Patchy!


● Patchy bad guy and Eric good guy
● Patchy wants to be new captain
● Eric wants to stay captain


● This splits the dynasty in two
● A civil war begins
● In the end, Patchy disappears, some squirmies thinks she’s dead, others think she’s still out there, looking for revenge

                                                 *Eric POV*

Captain Eric paced around his broad office. It was election day in the squirmie dynasty
and he had heard many rumors about another squirmie running to take his spot. He had never faced an opponent and was nervous because he didn’t know how the citizens would react. Eric took a deep breath and squirmed out of the room.

                                               *Patchy POV*

Patchy is getting ready for the election. She has no doubt she will win. She’ll finally beat
her arch rival Eric. Patchy sent out soldiers and they announced about half the dynasty is with her. Patchy took a deep breath and squirmed out of the room on the way to the stage.

                                                 *Eric POV*

Eric was called onto the stage to give his speech. Nervous, he stood up onto the stand.
Cheers erupted from the sea of squirmies. Eric grew a little more confident and started
speaking. He talked about why voting for him was a good idea. Eric stated that the squirmies have trusted him as Captain before, And he did not let them down. Feeling proud, he waltzed off the stage feeling great about his speech.

                                               *Patchy POV*

Patchy walked up on the stage as Eric looked back at the competition. He was shocked.
Apparently Eric recognised Patchy’s from face years back from school. Patchy just smiled and continued to climb the stairs. Patchy talked about how long Eric was captain and why we need a new influence upon the people. She talked about all the good she will bring to the new world she would create. In the end a loud applause echoed and Patchy squirmed off stage. Now it was time to vote. Patchy went backstage, feeling secure and confident.

                                             *Narrator POV*

The dynasty gathered around to put in their votes. Spectators have said they don’t know
what way the vote will go, but they do know it will be very close. As the last squirmies casted their vote the counting started. It went quickly for the citizens, but for Eric and Patchy it seemed to take a lifetime.

A smaller, red and white squirmie took the stage. He motioned for Patchy and Eric to follow suit. Then he gave a wheezy cough and announced the winner.

“The votes were close but it came down to 5213 to 5225 in favor of Eric, the reigning

                                         Then the war began.

                                                Next week…

It was the biggest war the dynasty had ever seen. Neighbors turning on neighbors. Family turning on family. Some thought the war would never end. Most don’t even know what happened in the end. It was a war between two old friends that ended with Patchy disappearing and Eric gained a new scar on his face.There has been many speculations of what happened to Patchy. Some say she died but some think she’s still out there plotting her revenge.