Hello Parents!

As a class group, your child has been directed to our website to order their sewing projects and supplies for their sewing class.  Hopefully your son or daughter has given you a special “School Code” which will help identify the school and class they belong to.  If you have not gotten this code, simply contact your child’s teacher and they will supply you with it.


Here’s how to order:

Step 1:  Come to our Website! Yay! You’re already here!

Step 2:  Find the desired item(s) on our website and add them to your shopping bag.

Step 3:  Open your Shopping Bag or Go to Checkout (they take you to the same place).

Step 4:  Enter your School Code in the Coupon Code Box to reduce the shipping fee.
This is the most important step. Failure to do this will result in you being charged full shipping!

Step 5:  Agree with the Terms & Conditions, then Click on Checkout.

Step 6:  Enter your home address information (don’t worry, the order will still go to the school. The School Code tells us that).

Step 7:  Enter your child’s name here on the Payment Page in the comments section, select your Payment Method, Enter Your e-mail, then click “Continue” at the bottom:

Step 8:  Pay for your order and return to our website and then you are all done!  Super Simple!

Please note – All orders will be shipped directly to the school after the cutoff date decided by your child’s teacher, not to your home address.


We wish your child all the best success with their project.

Happy Sewing!
Classy Threads Team